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2020 GAL 6 x 6 Small Canvas Community Art Exhibition

Notes from the artists:
FRANCIS DYTIONGSEE, “Philosophical illustration of …’Reading is Timeless.'” Addendum: Reading is learning which accumulates knowledge. Knowledge leads to Wisdom that entails Mindfulness, Tranquility, Stillness, and Timeless. These Catchwords are reflections of ‘TAO”, (chinese character is shown below it), the Timeless ancient chinese “Principles of the living path”; read and learn more at the Library. Top of canvas illustrates The Library with a phrase below it “eXuberant (XC, Roman numerals for 90) Celebrations.
Sophia Choronzuk, “A Trilogy of Time Gone By.” The green book represents my Nana, the blue represents my mom, and the purple is me. On the spine of each book shows the dates of which we were all born. My Nana’s book is the largest since she has the most stories to tell and and has seen the most through life. Mine is the smallest since I still have much more to discover.”
Maria Choronzuk, “Young Heart, Vintage Soul.” Young girls hands reaching for vintage books. I painted this shortly after I had taken a photo of my daughter proudly displaying her recent purchase of vintage finds. She has a young heart and a vintage soul. My mom and daughter each captured the theme in their own unique ways. I’ll treasure this trio of artistic expression for a moment in time that spans all of our years and will forever now evoke powerfully positive memories of this precious time — simply, timeless.
Lorraine Caposieno, Maria Choronzuk, and Sophia Choronzuk are mother, daughter and granddaughter.
Linda Mariani-Gartner: reading since we started communicating with symbols to now reading electronically.

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