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2021 Virtual Youth Art Fair Registration

    Please send a link and supply list for the following workshop(s)

    Please send more information about the 6 inch square Youth Art Contest.

    We invite you to submit photos of your child’s artwork from these workshops for display in a 2021 Youth Art Fair gallery on the GAL website. All photos must be accompanied with a completed consent form, linked here. The online gallery will include the following privacy statement:


    The images of artwork connected with the Virtual Youth Art Fair and published on the Glenview Art League website are not public domain images.  The images belong to the Glenview Art League and the original artwork to the individual artist. As a general rule, any original work — whether text, visual art, photos, or music — is protected by copyright law, which means that you may not reproduce it without the express permission from the artist copyright owner. Every image – whether you find it on Google, social media or on a stock photo site – gains copyright as soon as it’s created, and it’s up to you to know whether or not you have legal right to use it.

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