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And the Scholarship Winner for 2016 is…. Ik-Jong Choi! Congratulations!

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Our new Scholarship Winner is the incredible Ik-Jong Choi from Glenbrook North High School! Lauded by those that have worked with Ik-Jong through the years commend him for being a high-achieving student, critical thinker and for having exceptional talents as an artist! All this, while being color-blind!  Ik-Jong will be studying architecture at Carnegie-Mellon in the Fall.

Ik-Jong explained to a teacher about his personal journey through art: “It taught me to understand myself better, boosting up my self-esteem. In the end, I realized producing art is not about chasing others afterward to let them see what they want, but it’s about doing what you see and feel at that moment and really be in control of your own art.”

Enjoy his fabulous work. And, best wishes Ik-Jong!


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