At the age of 65, Bob Sagan is defying the odds daily. As one of Chicago’s most talked about artists, Bob has survived two bouts with life-threatening cancer. This is not only a story of courage, but of beauty as well.

A native of Chicago, Bob has traveled extensively capturing images using his mobile art studio. His talent for painting began to emerge in the hippie days of the 70’s. He painted his way from generation to generation creating lifelike works of arts that became known for their realism. Then without warning cancer struck and changed his life forever. After treatment, he was told he was cancer-free. Having his life flash before him, he decided to stay close to home and “Paint Chicago”

The goal is the leave the city his legacy through his paintings. Everything he saw was a moment in time that he wanted to capture forever. Then the unimaginable happened. Bob was diagnosed with throat cancer, couldn’t eat, lost almost half his body weight and after his second brush with death, he again survived. He went back to work and painted this magnificent city from skylines to obscure corners of the metro.

Sagan says, “I am comfortable with the list of opposites that have balanced me. I must be in order to be true to my own life. So, you will find bold, intense color, contrast, drama, surrealist hints, humor, sensuality, and tactile surfaces. The strong lines, robust contrasts and soft subtle use of colors are the way I experience the subjects. I love the juxtapositions in nature and find them a delight.”

Bob Sagan
847 708-1214

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