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Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor fuses her intense interests in architecture, history, music and whimsy into every piece of jewelry she creates. Her jewelry involves the use of simple geometrically based shapes and emphasizes the use of unusual hinges to set her work apart. During the early part of Amy’s childhood, she frequently observed her grandfather working at his bench as a watchmaker. She, like her grandfather has always been interested in small things. Her “career” as a craftsman began with making dollhouse furniture and painting pet rocks. Later, while attending design school in New York, she was fortunate to have exposure to the jewelry industry. Four of her designs were winners of the DeBeers Diamond Design Award in 1986 and were produced by several leading manufacturers. Amy concentrates her time listening to music while working at her bench from a home-based studio. “I was fortunate to work as an apprentice for a jeweler as a teen, it was then I knew I wanted to design jewelry and take it from concept to final polish. It is a dream come true, doing what I do everyday.”

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