My art is about the urban environment. Chicago has so many distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality; colorful and intriguing with so much vitality. I am inspired by actual places and occasionally include figures engaged in daily life. A passion for architectural forms and embellished facades intrigue me.  Capturing the energy, rhythm and emotional feeling of a place is my challenge. I hope to engage the viewer and share a moment of connection.

Audrey Barrett spent her early years in Queens, New York. Fascinated with the urban landscape she taught herself perspective, created artwork and later studied art history. Attended New York Phoenix School of Design. A few moves around the country brought Audrey to Chicago, home since 1975. Rich in culture, diversity, architecture and amazing neighborhoods. Chicago became her muse. Currently studying at the Evanston Art Center, she maintains a studio at home.

Her main focus is the architectural form and the Illinois landscape.

She has exhibited in art fairs, galleries, and juried competitions. Audrey’s work is represented in private and corporate collections as well as the Illinois State Museum. She has worked as a Package/Graphic Designer, now retired.



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