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Bess Tsonis

Bess Tsonis have been painting and working with oil pastels and other media since he was in middle school.
I’m 43 now and a few years ago began to post my work on Instagram and loved meeting and learning about new artists. I have lived in Glenview since I was in third grade and am now raising my family here 💕. I love painting inspired by my love of nature, my travels and most importantly my love for my husband and children. In all my work I pour my feelings into it and always try to leave a touch of optimism and hope in even my heavier darker works. You’ll find a use a lot of textures and creating a lot of movement with my palette knives and that’s something people that buy or collect my work have loved. I like to sign on the back so people can hang my art in an orientation.

Instagram: @art_by_bess

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