Eric Lee is a digital artist from Northbrook, IL. Eric earned his B.A. in Graphic Design from Lewis University, Romeoville, IL. He also earned his Graphic Design Certificate from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago (SAIC).

Although Eric was born with speech and small motor skill disability, he has been always aspired to pursue excellence to his best ability and has found his place in the world through art. Eric began his lifelong passion for vivid and abstract imagery as a youngster with a paintbrush in an art class, where the instructor encouraged him to learn Picasso’s artistic skills.

Eric is known for his digital artworks that embody contemporary abstract and surreal design with vibrant color. For each of his artwork, he utilizes a variety of powerful tools in the Adobe Suite to digitally paint and deliver distinctive artistic effects. Eric’s artworks are often inspired by his diverse passion on nature, animals, lyrics from his favorite singers/music bands and rich images embodied in the classic Chinese poems and Asian culture.

As a fervent animal lover, Eric often incorporates many endangered animals into his artworks. The unique integration of beloved endangered animals in contemporary and abstract setting has inspired art connoisseurs to follow his artwork.

All the artworks are available in different sizes and a variety of print media. Please email him at for any questions that you may have.

Instagram: @ericleedigital


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