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Lori Indovina-Valus

Lori_enhLori Indovina-Valus has been involved with art, design, and photography her whole life. As a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she has had an art teaching career of over 10 years in Chicago and McHenry County. Her graphic design and illustration work has been published for over 24 years and has won many awards from professional newspaper associations in state, national and international competitions. Lori’s wildlife illustrations have been exhibited and published in wildlife rehabilitation manuals. Her award-winning fine art has been seen throughout the area.

Lori’s nature photographs have caught the attention of the conservation community. Her photos capturing the beauty and diversity of wildlife contained in the Black Crown Marsh in McHenry are now being used to help in fund-raising efforts by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for the preservation of the entire wetland basin. A photo of the Black Crown Marsh “Geese Rising with the Sun” was chosen by the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission for inclusion in an exhibit “Illinois’ Natural Treasures” in 2010. Her nature photographs serve as a resource for her watercolors.

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