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Renata Maliszewski

RenmaDesign – Renata Maliszewski

I am from Krakow, Poland – a place filled with rich culture and hard-working, creative people. My sewing skills began there as well. I came to Chicago, and never left. A home away from home, I found love, higher education, and finally the time to go back to what I enjoy! With beads and my sewing skills, I am able to capture beautiful moments and scenery from the city I now call home.

My passion for beading all began after my son’s wedding. It started with a sample wedding dress bought off the rack by my daughter in law. The beadwork was destroyed after many different women trying it on. This was the first time I had beaded clothing, and we were both pleasantly surprised with how beautifully it turned out. My daughter in law was so happy to have an original design and to have as much beadwork as a couture gown! Since fixing the wedding dress, I have been beading and creating different pieces of unique artwork which you can see in my website:

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