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Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship


The Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship was established to foster the study of art and advance the development of artists in keeping with the mission of the Glenview Art League. It is for a high school senior planning to pursue a college degree in a visual art. Students will be judged without bias or prejudice based on their application, the quality of their work, and letters of recommendation. It is a one-time scholarship of $1,000, given directly to the student to use at their discretion towards the cost of college.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

Family members and relatives of the Glenview Art League Board of Directors are ineligible.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

GAL2023 YAF Program


Alexander Yunda-Raijer of GBS wins 2022 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship

The Glenview Art League proudly awards the 2022 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship to Alexander Yunda-Raijer, a graduating senior at Glenbrook South High School. Alex submitted an impressive portfolio of photography, as well as an essay, letters of recommendation, and his acceptance letter from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Congratulations, Alex!

 Gretchen Bock of GBS wins 2021 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship

The 2021 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship is awarded to Gretchen Bock, who is graduating from Glenbrook South High School. She submitted a imaginative, colorful portfolio of artwork. In her application she shares, “For me, it doesn’t matter where I choose to go with my sketchbook because I’m always brought to the more interesting abstract worlds created in my imagination… Through my Art, I like to convey ideas that seem normal and twist them into something abstract.” She plans to study art in college and has been accepted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Congratulations, Gretchen!


Jasmine Carag of GBN wins 2020 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship

The GAL awards the 2020 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarhip to Jasmine Carag of Glenbrook North. Jasmine submitted an outstanding art portfolio, references, and an essay about her development as an artist. She shares her belief that “art has the ability to break through human made barriers such as language and speak to our universal humanity.”

Jasmine is accepted to Lake Forest College. The GAL commends her efforts and wishes her the best of luck on her journey as an artist.


HanA Choi from GBN wins the 2019 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship.

The 2019 Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship was awarded to HanA Choi, who is graduating from Glenbrook North High School. Her passion for using art as a platform for raising awareness on social issues is reflected in her work. Teachers have commended her hard-working nature and ability to create connections among a variety of disciplines. She has won in her grade level several times at the Art League’s Annual Youth Art Fairs, including first place in her grade this year. Congratulations HanA!



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