GAL Holiday Pop-up Art Sale in Northbrook

Interested in being part of a holiday pop-up art shop at Northbrook Court? Cindy Gitter, exhibit chair for the Glenview Art League.
If you are interested in participating in this art sales opportunity contact the GAL right away at or Cindy Gitter at

There will be a fee for participating artists, and artists will need to work shifts at the shop. Details will depend on how many artists get involved. The space is located on the lower level of the shopping center, next to the Coach Store. The  nearest mall entrance is the one between Neiman Marcus and AMC. The space has hardwood floors, exposed brick walls/some painted walls and some nice old big tables. We’d like to kick things off with an evening reception, maybe the second week in November on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Again, please contact us if you’d like to participate.


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