Glenview Art League Pop-up art sale at Northbrook Court!


Looking for Artists
to join us for Pop Up Art Sale at Northbrook Court
November-December 2021


All Interested Artist Pop Up Northbrook Court November-December 2021

* approximately $40 per month ( $200. Each month DIVIDED between all artists plus internet fees Nov.-Dec.)
and 15% of sales to be collected by December 5, and January 5,.

* Hours equally divided by artist, (4-5 hour shifts). You may work on art there!

* Set up week Oct. 26-29. (2-3 hours to set up your work).

*Galley Show partnering with Northbrook Court Thursday, November 18, @7:00

* If you know non member artist they are welcome too!
But first they have to join the league.



MEETING for all interested parties Wednesday, September 29 @7:00. Please contact if you plan to attend.


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