Small canvas 6×6 competition on view at the Glenview Public Library

Last year during the Covid19 pandemic, the Glenview Art League (GAL), in cooperation with the Glenview Public Library, started the first annual Small Canvas Competition.  Six-by-six canvases were provided, free by the GAL, to all those who wished to participate in the 6×6 exhibition.  Last year, the library was celebrating their 90th anniversary and the theme for the competition was, “Reading is Timeless”.

This year, GAL has continued the tradition.  The annual event at the Glenview Public Library has produced so much interest.  GAL was able to hand out 53 canvases to local artists who had eight weeks to finish their individual artworks.  The theme this year was, “Afternoon Enjoyment”, and the finished canvases are all on display at the Glenview Public Library.  The talent of all of the artists is remarkable, and if you haven’t seen the installation, please make it a point to get over to the Glenview Public Library.  The numbered canvases are on display in the lobby.  You will be able to tell, by the numbers attached to the canvases, who the artists were.

The winners this year were as follows:

First Place – Gale Fritz
Second Place – Sandy Sheagren
Third Place – Lee Colpi
Fourth Place – Sarah Patt

A ceremony honoring the winners will take place at Jackman Park on September 30th from 6:30-7:30 with light refreshments being served. Please rsvp at

See Photo Album for all participants.

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