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2019 Youth Art Fair in Review (former)

The 30th Annual Youth Art Fair was hosted by the Glenview Art League on February 23, 2019, at Attea Middle School in Glenview Illinois. Over 200 young artists contributed artwork to an amazing display that was enjoyed by many visitors from the community. Prizes were awarded in each grade level, in addition to a People’s Choice Award and Best in Show.




YAF Prize Winners

Best in Show 
Abeer Faraz, Field Middle School
People’s Choice (Tie) 
Alexandrea Kiesau, Henking 
Sam Spritz, Avoca West 
1st Grade
1st – Angeli Yadav, Once It Clicks
2nd – Hannah Galvin, Henking
3rd – Armando Zavala, Nelson 
2nd Grade
1st – Julian Briceno, Once It Clicks
2nd – Sam Spritz, Avoca West
3rd – Scarlett McConnell, Henking 
3rd Grade
1st – Mehreen Aleem, Hoffman
2nd – Alina Noman, Hoffman
3rd – Colin Greynolds, Greenbriar 
4th Grade
1st – Ravid Friedman, Ravinia 
2nd – Emmaline Klatt, Glen Grove 
3rd – Adam Mankowski, Greenfields 
5th Grade
1st – Peyton Knorr, Hoffman
2nd – Ava Yatabe, Kipling 
3rd – Anusha Saraf, Halfday School 
6th Grade
1st – Ruby Pan, Highcrest
2nd – Alexandrine Harig, Once It Clicks
3rd – Georgees Yahoo, Nelson
7th Grade
1st – Alexandera Wesser, Springman
2nd – Elif Sude Kurtaran, Springman
3rd – Abeer Faraz, Field 
8th Grade
1st – Seungyeon Lee, Field 
2nd – Rino Calise, Countryside Day 
3rd – Christopher Latham, Countryside Day
9th and 10th Grades
1st – Dean Kousionelos, Once It Clicks
2nd – Quinn Nimesheim, Loyola Academy
3rd – Surabhi Gangadki, Adlai Stevenson
11th and 12th Grades
1st – Hana Choi, Glenbrook North
2nd – Sevval Kurtaran, Glenbrook South
3rd – Maya Epstein, Glenbrook North 

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