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Youth Art Fair 2016


Our Youth Art Fair was February 20th, 2016! Mark your calendars: THIS year’s Youth Art Fair is Saturday, February 25th, 2017 !



     2016 Glenview Art League



1st grade

1st  Faye Jerva, Henking School

2nd Isaac Neyman

3rd  Yinon Gankin, Lyon School


2nd grade

1st  Keira Call, Lyon School

2nd Emma Winer, Lyon School

3rd  Noah Babcock, Henking School


3rd grade

1st   Ava Prosko

2nd  Atchaya Muthupalaniappan, Wescott School

3rd  Jordan Eckstein, Meadowbrook School


4th grade

1st   Annalina Klatt, Glen Grove School

2nd  Amanda Lee

3rd   Alice Smagorinsky, Meadowbrook


5th grade

1st   Jakub Winkowski, Nelson School

2nd  Ariana Raghian, Pleasant Ridge School

3rd  Juliana Craven


6th grade (Teacher Tina Daskopoulos)

1st   Bernardo  Lebron, Nelson School &

People’s Choice Award

2nd  Pallavi Raju, Nelson School

3rd  Aviva Hurwitz, Nelson School


7th grade

1st   Maxim Arzumanov, Attea Middle School

2nd  Dean Kousiounelos, Norhtbrook Jr High

3rd   Helena Wyville, Countryside Montessori


8th grade

1st  Natalie Brame

2nd  Leon Kosciak

3rd   Lilly Pireva, Attea Middle School



1st  Natalie Poklop,  GBN & BEST of SHOW

2nd Hana Choi, GBN

3rd  Sam Jaffe, GBN


11th grade

1st   Sarah Warner

2nd  Josh Gonzalez, GBN

3rd (tie) Caroline Vogel, GBN.

Leigh Kinsler, Loyola Academy


12th grade

1st  Annie Yoon, Prunae Creative Studio

2nd Sunkyung Lee, GBN

3rd  Morgan Berg, GBN


Creative Merit Award: Jordan Quant, GBN



The fair is held each year in February. The fair is open to all pre-school through high school students. It provides an opportunity to exhibit art work, be considered for prizes, show work on Glenview Cable TV and participate in an exciting art event.  There is no cost for entry. We no longer use application forms.  To enter, send the following information for each artist: Name Address Phone number School Grade Type of work to be shown Email this information to or send by postal mail to Glenview Art League P.O. Box 463 Glenview, IL  60025. (if registering by postal mail, please provide an E-mail address). For additional information, contact us by email or call 847-724-4007. Schedule: 8:30 – 10:30 am Drop off Artwork at Attea School 1:30 – 4 pm Open to the Public 3 pm Prizes awarded Art work MUST be picked up no later than 4pm. Pre-registration is required. Deadline is February 7th.. Email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of registration and must be presented at the time work is dropped off. No same day registrations. Each student may enter only 1 piece of art no larger than 36″x36″. The work must be dry and have the artist’s name on the back. Mounting is recommended but not required. Since we consider safety important, we cannot accept any art with sharp or protruding objects. It is essential that artwork be picked up by 4pm. 

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