Buy Fundraiser Tickets ONLINE!

Here’s the link – buy tickets for our Glenview Art League “50/50 Split the Pot” fundraiser! Spread the word and get your tickets today! Tickets will also be on sale at the Summer Art Fair on July 24-25.

The Glenview Art League has been bringing art to the community for over 60 years, hosting two art fairs, monthly demonstrations and exhibiting works of art in local businesses.  Besides membership dues, the Summer Art Fair is the League’s primary source of revenue for the year, allowing us to continue our mission. Due to the pandemic, we had a significant loss in 2020.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to host our Youth Art Fair in February. This one day event is free to all school age children, K-12, with ribbons and cash prizes given in every grade. In addition, a $1000 scholarship is awarded to a local high school senior pursuing a degree in fine arts.

**PLEASE NOTE: online entries may only be purchased in the state of Illinois by persons at least 18 years old**


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