Catching up with the Monthly Art Challenges!

Wow – GAL member artists continue to knock our socks off with their monthly challenge entries! Check out their inspiring work in the galleries below, and join us for the February Challenge with the theme “Creative Heart”. Above, “Meandering” by Rachel Siegel, acrylic, 12 by 9 inches.

November “Light” Challenge Entries
Participating artists: Alice Restrepo, Jungja Jae, Peter Brinckerhoff, Tim Downs, Kay Thomas, Lee Colpi, Leslie Scott, Adele Soll Aronson, Leslie Claire Johns, Steve Johnson, and Kittie Yohe. The winner of the Nov. drawing: Adele Soll Aronson.
Congratulations, Adele!

December/January “Rest” Challenge Entries
Participating artists are Farida Korobova, Gretchen Bock, Iris Jutovsky, Jungja Jae, Kay Thomas, Lee Colpi, Marilyn Jamora, Rachel Siegel, and Sandy Sheagren. The winner of the Dec/Jan drawing: Rachel Siegel.
Congratulations, Rachel!

Thank you to all of the artists who have inspired us with their beautiful, varied artwork. These monthly challenges are a fun way to see each other’s work. Challenges are open to members and nonmembers. Make a sketch, drawing, sculpture, painting, photo, digital work, or other type of creative expression and email an image of it to Postal mail is also welcome. Include your name, the title of the work, medium, a short description and any website, social media links, and purchase information you’d like to share. All participating artists are entered into a drawing for a small prize. Check out all of the Monthly Art Challenge entries at the GAL Pinterest page. 

November Entries (Light):
(Gallery coming soon, check out the entries now on Pinterest)

December/January Entries (Rest):

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